Avoid Mold Testing Scams!

You should always choose an independent testing company over a one-stop-shop to avoid mold testing scams. Here’s why:

Warning Scam

Free mold testing? Sure, it may seem like a great deal, but smart consumers know that nothing is “free”. Some companies offer mold testing on the cheap and then conveniently offer their own remediation services to fix the problem. This is a clear conflict-of-interest, with the result that the problem is not often remediated – if it exists at all. The consumer may be paying thousands of dollars for bloated repair estimates or an improper and ineffective remediation. An independent test from RTK can save homeowners thousands!

An independent, certified testing company, like RTK Environmental, does not do remediation, and, therefore, offers consumers an unbiased opinion about any contamination. If asked, RTK will offer recommendations of reliable remediation companies.

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