The Dangers of Lead Poisoning

Lead Test New York

Until a 1978 ban, the chemical element lead was added to house paint to help it dry faster, maintain durability, and resist corrosion. Lead, however, is toxic and became a clear danger for young children when it was discovered that lead tastes sweet, encouraging ingestion and leading to a multitude of health problems associated with lead poisoning.

When to Perform Tests for Lead

Lead can be present in multiple locations in and around the home, including in paint, in water, and in the soil. Ingestion of lead can lead to lead poisoning, so having a home tested for lead is critical in the following scenarios:

  • If you rent or own a house or apartment built before 1978 (the year lead paint was banned for residential use)
  • If you are buying, selling, or renting a condominium, co-op or home built before 1978
  • Before beginning any renovation
  • Before disturbing a painted surface
  • Before beginning any demolition project on a property built before 1978
  • A word of caution: Removing or disturbing lead-painted surfaces improperly can increase the hazard to your family, because lead dust can be spread around the house. Use only contractors and professionals certified in lead-safe work practices, who follow strict safety rules when working with lead.

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